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number of students that wea lot of the... resources. materials. things that the children need... on a day-to-day basis. anncr: question seven will help. the department of legislative services says question seven... will mean hundreds of millions of dollars... for schools...from gaming revenues that would have... gone to other states. and independent audits will guarantee the money... goes where it's supposed to. krystal conwell: i think people should vote for question... seven because i think it will be a great benefit to children. &pgreet news or a baltimore
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ggtting ositive national recognition.tonight on fox 45 news at five.,3 3 3 3 3
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the medicaa exmaminer says the death f an east baltimore man wwo died in police custody... is homicde.that officiall ruling in anthonn anderson's death was usttreleased. released.megan illiland is report that adds controversy - to what police say happened and what wiinesses say they good morning guys, family and their atttrnny... say tte autopsy report simply confirms what they say... theyyalready k. knew.(áááánats up full: that means that mr. anderson was murdered by these officers...."ááá) according to the auuopsy report... anthhny anderson pied from blunt-force injury baltimore city police on september 21.the medical examiner ays he suffered bboken ribs... a ruptured spleenn.. and a head injury. caught anderson in a drug deal &pand thatthe choked on drugs.. &pbbt the autopsy report ruled thattout.witnesses... including ndeeson's mother... say officers beet the
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46-yearrold man to ddath ong east biidle street and montford avenue. (mr. gordon/atty) ""and thhre was o ouuce of shamm or contrition in the eyes, thoughts, minds or hearts of these officers who engaged in ttis savage attack."(ms. harvey) "we don't have a problem with the baltimore city police deparrment. we have aaproblem with officers thht thake their job.. think they above the law." law."the officerr involved haae been placed oo adminiitrative duuies while the investigationnconninues. ultimately, prosecutors will decide whether charges will bb filed.i'm megan gilliland, fox45 morning news. policc are lookinggfor an esccped inmate, this morning. we're told the man escaped around 7 o 'clock tuesday night... from the northeast district police station... near morgan state universityy tte suspect was being loaded into a transport veeicle... whennhe boke free... and ran escaped man was facing...but anyone with information iss asked to call police.
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there's a new head of f-b-i &pstephen vogt hassbeen named a tte new leader of the ccty's f-b-i field office.vogt started with the agency in 19--9.his most recent a sinkhole has shut down a an.&3 street in little italy.ww shot this video of albemarre between styles and fawn can see, a sinkhole about thh size of a car opened up in the ptreet.this section of albemarle has been shut down. will be fixed... or when the road will reopen. a baltimore city fire truck company... whhch was scheduled to close this month... will now remain open.and it's all thanks to the bbltimore ggand p. prix.this issvideo of truck 10... in its station... wwiting for work.the compaay was set to cose for good... but moneyyfroo last month'' race came to theerescue.the mayors office says the city received more than a milllonn dollars n taxes and fees... and this yearrs grand prix cost 3-hundred-thoosand dollars lesssthaa expected.
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baseball and ssccer programs at towssn university... could soon be a thing of the past. a task force... which has been studying ways to strengthen progrrm... is now recommendingg it cut both teams. it save 8-hundred-thousand dollars over the neet 4 years. some athletes say thhy are startled by tte news. 3 (11:53:02) i mean, it was silent. nobody knew what to think. its almost like you ggt hit from ehind and you (11:59:04) "we gave our life place and they throw it away - as if we mean nothing. i gave up my family, my friends,, my girlfriend, just to come play soccer." the school willlhold a public hearrng on the recommendations later this month. the school's president wiil then issue a final deccsion. 3 the oriiles were dominated by taapa bay's
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pitcher last night.... bbt victory in the seconddto last game of tteeseason. season. but the red sox could not beattthe yankees, so in the american leegue east with one gamm left to ppay... t. tonight. last night this was the only mistake rays pitcher james shieeds made..... he struck out 5 ooioles, but not chris davii here. davis ties an orioles record with the huge blast, bb homering in 6 strright games now. and tten it came down oncc again tt jim johnson going or the save. and he gets the groundout to win the game. the yankees retain a one game lead over theeo's with one game to play for each team. a one game ppayoff for the a-l be in baltimoreetomorrow night. been ffying off the shelves -
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faster than a jim johnson t-shirt makers areebetting it's going to continue. poelld. smith is live at "just extreme graphix" in dundalk to see why the guys behind the concentrate on just one orrole. good morning joelld. 3- 3 3
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just weeks after the i-phone 5 hit stores... apple is gearing up for anooher big unveilinn. unveiling.according to
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"forrunn magazine"... a nee, smaller versiin of the i-pad will soon be released. invvttaions to the unveiling week.if thht's the case... the 8--nch scrren tablet could hit stores in time for the &pcoming up onnthe early - &pedition... hones in caity ha. &phall.whaa a new report revval about possible overnment waste. &p((break 1)) &p 3&p- kent & queen anne's county
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schools opening 90 mins late due to fog. ((2-shot toss to weather)) ((addlib meteorologist)) 3
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meteorologist)) 33 3 ,3 (((raffic eporter ((traffic reporter ad libs)) map 395 map fiber amap 3
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coming up... the ravenn prrpare to get back to work... afttr some much-needed timmeoff. off.the on-field issses thee team is trying to figure out... as they get ready for kansas city. 3 ballimore city... trying to questions raised... in a report y the inspector 3&((bump out)) ((break )) 3 aú kw@ the city's insppctor eneral finds
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evidenne of potential goverment waste ann this mornnng's cover sttry ..... meliida roeder investigates the questionss raised about how the ccty spends your tax dollars. dolllrr. 15:05:05 (ryan) "didn't happen, didn't hhppen, never happened... never happened!" back in may when e asked about questionable ssending on a city phone system in maa... the mayor's spokesman adamantly ddnied anything happened. but this 31-page city report... reveals severrl instaaces of poor managementa including possible wwste.. (comptroller) &p03:23:00 " the taxppyers shhuld be outraged and in an puroar that his tyye of activity is aking placeetoday before this board." city comptroller joan pratt accused
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the mayor of secretly buying pricey phone equipment... even as herroffice was puuting ouu bids for an overhaul of the city's phone system the mayor's office denied it did anything wronn. the maaor herself - didn'ttreally wanna talk bout it. (mayyr) "you are obsessed with this" the accusations led to an inveetigation by the city's inspector general's office. although the inspector general ffund that the mayor's office had the right to purchase new phones and equipment under an existing blanket contract, tth inspector general also foond the city didn't seek competittve bids from other ompaniesa&whichhmight have resulted in savings of taxpayer dollars. (oll sound with pratt- used friday) "we're wasting money and i think it's a clear abuse of the procurement process." and it's not just spending that caught the i-g's attention. hissreporr also ccntractors and the cityyto be - &pto involve a potential "conflict of interest." contractors from ccmpanyy called digicon worked ffr he &ptechnolooy....olicitinn quotes to purchaae equipment...from digicon. even though the i-g saiddit was legala he report aised
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signiiicanttconcerrs with thh level of involvement digicon had in making decissons that benefited itself. . in fact, the i-g also uncoveree correspondence from a digicon subcontraccor working for the city trying to "dissuade" the city from getting additional quotes for commuter switches and videe when cityycouncil president jack young asked about the programa emails to him fromm city hall denied there even was a telephone pilot prooect. . the i-g found alllthis led to potential dollars asted on duplicate spenttby different city purpose.. the ayor says the invessigation hhs promptee some changes... (bite from frrday - 05::0:53 "we've reeamped the mayor'ssoffice of nformation echnology from the top to the bottom and we have new peoole on board. " awarded...the former head of the mayor's i-t office hass resiinee under a cloud of controversy involling his preeioussemployer, state of chief oo staff of the i-t offiie also left shortly after fox 45 uncoveree a descrepancy in his ethics form
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the descrepancy??? - failing to report that he had previously done work for digicon. jolivet: 07:57:03 pddgicon employees i was told, make up fifty percent of all city empllyees within that division.. arnold jolivet is a he says the contracting system is broken.... jolivet: 07:58:08 "it's umb. it still, he mayor says she's confidentt he changes wwthin her office will address the i-g's concerns mayor: (bite from friday - 05:20:57) "we're working with the comptrollee's office to move the city forwwrd." a confidence noo shared by critics - like jolivet....who believess taxpayers are the bg losers in this matter. jolivet: the price, the real rice, of ttis wook was. we just don't know. we'll never know. but nonethelees, the city taxpayers picked up this we spoke to digicon...and they tolddus theyycouldn't comment at this timee commng up in our 6 o'clockk &phour... an old speech made by tte president... makes its way .
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online.the 2007 address... that'' stirring up controversy. plus... how 'bout them o's?tte big win the team pulled out last nightt ((break 3)) 3 @ krystal conwell : we see a lot of problems with the... number of students that we have. resources. materials. things that the children need... on a day-to-day basis. anncr: question seven will help. the department of legislative services says question seven... will mean hundreds of millions of dollars... for schools...from gaming revenues that would have...
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gone to other states. and independent audits will guarantee the money... goes where it's supposed to. krystal conwell: i think people should vote for question... seven because i think it will be a great benefit to children. coming up in ur 6 3&po'clock hour... paying for p.
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prescriptions.theehigh cost of medical care that's forcing many americans... to jeopardiie their own health. health.
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